Sunday, April 16, 2006

On the road

Big Sis had Spring Break, so on April 7th, we hit the road to see Daegu, Pusan, and Donghae, and other sights along the way.

Grandma M took this picture of us at a rest area on our way to Daegu.

Daddy's shoes...

L'il Sis is obsessed with shoes these days. We have to keep the shoe cupboard locked to keep her out of it. But she still manages to find shoes to clomp around the house. Here, she's got some really big shoes to fill... Hopefully, she won't grow in to Daddy's shoes.

Aquarium at the 63 Building in Seoul

Grandma M and Big Sis are set to watch a fish feeding at the aquarium.

Lil Sis petting a turtle.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

pottery field trip

On March 31, Big Sis's kindergarten class went on a field trip to DooSong Pottery. After watching the Master make several types of vases, each child was able to pick a style and make their own. Big Sis was the only one to pick this particular style of vase. After creating their vases, the children were able to decorate them. After they are fired and glazed, we'll get their creations.