Friday, September 29, 2006

So what's in your purse?

My friend shannon challenged me to do this. I'm sure it's meant to be revealing about your personality, but here goes anyway! What is in my purse...

First, I switch between this black "Prada"-esque bag that I won during the raffle at an Armed Forces Spouse Club luncheon last year and an earth-toned striped "Kate Spade"-esque bag that is not quite as tall. And sometimes not everything makes the shuffle! Anyway, when I inventoried the contents this morning (Friday), I realized not everything was present to be accounted for. So I've put in ( ) the items that can often be found in my bag that were mysteriously missing this morning.

Compartment 1:

  • 1 small bottle of ReNu rewetting drops
  • 1 Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Blushing Nude [I don't even know why that is in there since I rarely wear lipstick anyway. It probably got left behind from last Sunday!]
  • Thursday's (yesterday's) "to do" list
  • Tuesday's "to do" list [don't ask about Wednesday -- I don't know]
  • 1 receipt proving I paid the cable bill for both Sept. and Oct. (it saves me a trip next month)
  • 1 size 4 Huggies diaper
  • (travel-size container of Huggies wipes)
  • (sippy cup)
  • (bottled water)

Surprisingly, there was nothing in the zippered middle compartment.
Compartment 2:

  • wallet
  • checkbook
  • pen
  • (cell phone)
  • (sunglasses)

I think this just proves that I'm nowhere near as high-maintenance as my husband sometimes thinks I am.

So, what's in your purse?

(I'm tagging Amy of Savage Stories, as a working mother of twins, she's got to have way more interesting stuff in her bag than I do!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Red alert: "Fuffy" withdrawal

In an effort to curb L'il Sis's pacifier addiction (she calls it her "fuffy"), Sam snipped the tips off all her "fuffies" on Sunday night. She did okay Sunday night, but then it got ugly. On Monday, she took only a 45-minute nap. Then, after she went to bed that night, she woke up around 10:30 p.m. and was up for most of the night. At first, she was inconsolable. Since I found her on the floor next to her bed, I thought she'd fallen out of bed at first even though I didn't hear that "thump." But now, I'm beginning to think she was just hacked off about her pacifiers being "broken." Of course, the real question is "Why, oh, why did we have to mess with the pacifiers Sunday night when there is a perfectly good 4- day weekend in just a few weeks?"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

make-up artist

You can get the idea although this picture isn't that great -- it doesn't really show the full impact of what L'il Sis did to herself. She kept spinning away every time Sam tried to get a picture. Imagine! A 2-year old who didn't want to cooperate.

L'il Sis decided she needed a bit of color last weekend. Somehow, she found some crayons after escaping from her room in the early hours of Saturday morning. We found her like this -- the area around her mouth covered in purple crayon. She was also grinning away and laughing. Fortunately, she didn't eat the crayons -- she just used them as lipstick. So in addition to scribbling on the walls and doors any time she finds a pencil (muralist), she's now adding make-up artist to her coloring resume.

Butterflies and more butterflies

Big Sis has been on a butterfly- catching kick lately. She could spend hours at it. Sadly for her, she doesn't have a butterfly net and had to make do with a net that came with some Sassy bath toys. I was amazed at how many butterflies were placed in captivity by that little net. Big Sis waited for the butterflies to land on the ground before pouncing. She began by putting them in a jelly jar with holes poked in the lid but that was too small, apparently. She moved on to the plastic container you see in these pictures that Sam slashed in many places to allow air flow. The new hobby came in handy when Big Sis had an assignment to catch an insect and bring it to school to share.
L'il Sis has only been mildly interested in what Big Sis is doing. The running about is what she enjoyed. Although, she did get jealous when Big Sis was hunkered down showing a butterfly to a neighboring 3 year old girl. She ran across the play area to where Big Sis and the other little girl were and knocked the poor girl over. I made her say she was sorry.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"I need help"

L'il Sis has a bad habit of screaming very loudly and very shrilly whenever she wants something. is frustrated, needs help, etc. So we've been asking her to say, "Help, please" instead of screaming when she needs help. Yesterday, as I was making dinner and Big Sis was working on a tally chart and chattering away to me, I was vaguely aware that L'il Sis was saying something. Both girls were in the playroom. Big Sis was working on the counter on the other side of the kitchen sink and L'il Sis was on the floor near her (where I could hear her but couldn't see her). Anyway, poor L'il Sis must have been on her 3rd or 4th repetition before I realized what she was saying: "I need help. I...Need...Help. I NEED HELP!" Although initially neglected, L'il Sis did get heaps of praise from both Mommy and big sister for asking for help so well instead of screaming. And, yes, she did get help.