Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just another reason I'm NOT a Marine (just married to one):

I don't like sweating. As in the wet and dripping type of sweat. Nope. I don't enjoy it. In fact, it grosses me out. Now, I already knew this about myself. But I confirmed it this morning.

I started the Couch to 5K program this week in an effort to get in better shape. I want to use some of that extra time I have now that both kids are in school to get more exercise. The first 2 days I followed the program inside on a treadmill in our neighborhood clubhouse. (And yes, I worked up a sweat, just not like today!) When I found it wasn't open yet this morning, I decided to go ahead and do the workout outside despite the heat and mugginess.

I knew it would suck. About half or three-quarters of the way through the 30 minute walk/run workout, I wanted to die. By the time I got back home and stretched, the sweat was pouring off me. Ick. Stretch laughed at me when I asked if you could be allergic to your own sweat. (My chest started itching at some point and when scratched, I found it was covered in a sheen of sweat. Ick. Ick. Ick.)

I also asked Stretch if he could just go ahead and shoot me to put me out of my misery. For some wretched reason, the man refused and kept grinning at me (and probably inwardly laughing).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of school

This week brought the first days of school for the girls. Big Sis started 4th grade on Tuesday. She's now too cool to be seen with her parents and we were not allowed to escort her in to the school, never mind her classroom. Her first day seemed to go really well and I'm hoping she'll have a great year.

Kindergarten has a staggered start here, so L'il Sis will only be going today and Friday this week. Because the first week of school always includes crazy traffic around the school, we decided to walk this morning (it's about 3/4 mile). It started to sprinkle a little by the time we reached the school. We got L'il Sis settled in her classroom and took a picture before leaving her for her first day at "real school." She was so excited she was singing while sitting on the stairs putting her shoes on at home. By the time we got to the classroom, she was a little nervous, but Stretch waved to her as he left the classroom and she smiled and told the little girl next to her, "My dad always makes me laugh." So I think she'll be fine.

After leaving the school, Stretch and I had to walk home. It quickly started pouring down rain. Of course. And I'd made the mistake of wearing a white t-shirt. Maybe the weather was reflecting how I felt a bit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Go ahead, punk....

Last week, the girls and I returned home a day after Stretch left on TAD (TDY for the Army folks and a business trip for any civilian readers out there). The 2nd night we were home, I heard the doorbell go and a pounding at the front door at TEN O'CLOCK at night. I ran downstairs and flicked the outside lights on and peered thru the peephole. There was NO way I was opening the door. My first thought was that it was someone checking to see if the house was empty so they could burglarize it. I called our neighborhood's security people and reported the incident.

Last night, Stretch and I were relaxing downstairs after the girls were in bed when it happened again. Like any good Marine, Stretch raced for the front door, flicked on the outdoor lights, and was out the door like a shot. In his bare feet. By the time, I got outside, he was half-way down our block. I heard him say, "Gotcha!" followed by "Freeze!" as I watched him running down the sidewalk. I went back inside, again called the security company, went back outside and locked the front door while I waited outside with both the house phone and my cell phone.

The security guard arrived first. I explained what had happened and when he asked where my husband was I answered, "He's still chasing them." At that point, he nervously asked what my husband would do if he caught them. Hmm. Good question. I wasn't too sure, so I went with, "Oh, he'll probably ask where they live and take them to talk to their parents." That sounded pretty innocuous, right? Eventually Stretch returned and we finished giving a statement for the report.

Later, Stretch told me that he'd stopped one teen walking down the street that he was pretty sure was involved. And had a little chat with him. After questioning him a bit, he let him know in no uncertain terms that there would be consequences if the act were repeated and that the kid should let his friends know. Now, Stretch is more than a little tall. He also just happened to be wearing a shirt with the EGA (Eagle, Globe and Anchor) and U.S. Marines embroidered on it.

I'm wondering if the kid made it home with clean underwear.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mission Completion

My mission for Summer 2009: Survive almost 3 months of boiling heat with both kids at home all day, every day; without selling either child on e&ay. Do so without going bankrupt.

My strategy: a little something I’ll call the reverse deployment. That’s when the family members leave and the service-member holds down the home-front (‘cause they still have a job to do, you know).

The kids and I loaded up the car and hit the road. Except for the 1st week, when [*gasp*] Stretch actually took leave and joined us, we were on the road and Stretch was left behind to man the home-front. As it turns out, he didn’t enjoy being the one left at home. I can understand that. I don’t particularly enjoy it, either.

We actually reverse deployed twice. The first time was for 4 weeks. It started with a 3-day drive across 6 states to my mother’s home. The first night we stayed at a military installation: great suite and even better price. The 2nd night we used Stretch’s hotel reward points for a free night. (Guess all those TAD trips had a good side to them after all.) Stretch helped drive half-way across the country and then flew home (or redeployed) on Father’s Day. (Hm-m, that might not have sent quite the right message.) The kids and I stayed another week while the girls took swim lessons. When it was time to go, I drove a day and a half across 3 states, spending the night at another military installation, before reaching my aunt’s home. After reconnecting with extended family for a few days, we hit the road again to join a fellow military spouse for the 4th of July. We only had to cross into the next state this time and it took only half a day.

Despite not having laid eyes on each other in almost 5 years, we picked right up where we’d left off. Even the kids bonded quickly even though only one of the five had any memories of the others. Because her husband had taken Reserve orders and was gone for the summer, I talked her into making the 10- hour drive to follow me home so our kids could continue to entertain each other. The fact that we hadn’t seen each other in years had nothing to do with it.

We had about a week’s break before reverse deploying again. This time it was only for 2 weeks. I drove for 12 hours in one day to get to my sister’s house. By the way, I don’t recommend this on 4 hours of sleep. A few days later, I drove another 3-1/2 hours to take the girls to my in-laws, where they would stay for almost a week. We went a day early so the girls and I could attend my mother-in-law’s annual family reunion. It was the first time we’d attended. In 11 years of marriage, Stretch and I had never been able to attend due to distance. And the first time I attended (this year), I did so without him. Typical.

The kids and I made the drive back home earlier this week. This time, I made reservations at yet another military installation part-way back to avoid another 12 hour drive. For the first time, I was wishing my oldest (she’s 8) was old enough to drive.

The summer flew by while the kids and I spent time with family and friends. Now we are waiting to hear teacher assignments and I’ve finished buying school supplies. School will start next week. The summer is drawing to a close and the mission was accomplished.

Just don’t ask me to drive anywhere anytime soon. Oh, and if anyone has seen my sanity, could you send it back to me?

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

minty fresh?

After I'd nagged her into brushing her teeth this morning, L'il Sis poked her way through the task. I had to keep prodding her with, "Scrub, don't suck on your toothbrush" and such. When she was done, she sighed and said, "That's so refreshing!"