Monday, August 23, 2010

"Don't talk about it!"

The Devil Pup lost her first tooth 2 nights ago.  It had been loose all summer and her permanent tooth was already coming in behind it.  Every time I tried to wiggle it, she would clap her hands over her ears and scream, "Don't talk about it!"  It all came to a head 2 nights ago when she brushed her teeth.  The tooth was SOO ready to come out that she started bleeding when she brushed it.  Which completely freaked her out.

Oh, the wailing, the screaming, the hysterical caterwauling!  She covered her ears and screamed and cried.  After her bath, we continued to try to calm her down and convince her to let us remove the tooth.  Finally, she grudgingly allowed me to try.  My first and second attempts to get the floss around her tooth were both unsuccessful except the second time, it came close enough that she had to spit her tooth out.

I've never seen anyone transform so completely, so quickly.  Instantly, she was talking about how cute her tooth was.  She was so proud and happy and showing everyone her tooth. 

Oy!  Hopefully, the next tooth will be easier...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Worst housing karma. EVER.

Seriously, people, I have to have the worst housing karma.  In Monterey, our house was literally condemned.  It was going to be torn down after we moved out to build new housing.  But before that could happen, we lived in it.  And had a major leak in our master bedroom.  Over our bed.  Through a light fixture. 

Then there was the house in North Carolina.  I refer you to our lovely indoor waterfall and the rockin' party for of maintenance men I had in my house.  This house was reroofed not just once but twice while I lived in it.  And I only lived there for 16 months.

Now, while we are really enjoying our new duty station, my housing karma has struck again.  Just yesterday, we discovered a problem with our air conditioning.  It really is a problem with the heat and humidity we've been experiencing.  Two maintenance guys came by and determined that our compressor was kaput, they'd have to order a new one, and would get back to us about it.  In the interim, they installed 4 window units.  Then, today, we had a pretty heavy rainstorm.  Afterwards, Stretch discovered that we had a pretty bad leak in our master bedroom (hmm, this sounds familiar somehow).  He put a bucket under it and called housing.  Every time I go in there, it looks worse!  Now it is going across the ceiling toward a corner, sprouting new leaks AND in the corner, the wall and corner are completely wet.  Someone has come by and they're "working on it."  But they can't do anything to the roof until tomorrow.  And then they have to wait for everything to dry out before they can repair our ceiling. 

On the bright side, I hadn't gotten around to hanging anything on the walls in that room yet.  And this time, the maintenance guy tried to exorcise the devil from our apartment.  Yes, I'm serious.  I couldn't make stuff up like that.

Yay, me!