Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warning: another poop story

Unlike The Mrs., whose little ones are still quite little, my girls are 8 and 4. I potty-trained the last one around 1-1/2 years ago. One would think my days of poop stories are over. One would be wrong.

Trying to get either of the girls to close the door while in the bathroom seems to be a losing battle. This becomes more of an issue when we have a guest or are at someone else's home. But that's not what this post is about. The other morning, Big Sis was having some, ahem, issues with evacuation. Meanwhile, L'il Sis was in the outer chamber of their bathroom (door between them open, of course) cheering her on with, "Push it out! Push it out! Yay, Big Sis!"

I guess I should be grateful there was some sisterly solidarity there.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just wait until she's hormonal...

L'il Sis is still 4 years old. Her birthday is still a few months away.

Tonight, L'il Sis had her dance class which meant dinner was pushed back almost an hour past the usual time. She was tired and hungry. Not a good combination. Stretch was doing his best to get her to eat her dinner, but she was in the midst of a major melt-down, crying and screaming. At one point, he asked her how she was feeling and she yelled, "How do you THINK I'm feeling?!"

Yeah, I'm looking forward to those teen years. Like a poke in the eye.

Friday, February 20, 2009

don't go in the water....

Last month there were over a thousand sharks off our shores near where we currently live. Apparently, it's an annual event, with the sharks following migratory fish. (You can see aerial pics here.) Then, there are the gators. I saw 2 from the highway when I drove to Orlando to pick up a friend who came to stay a few weeks ago. Last weekend, we drove to another part of Florida and saw some small alligators in a pond in our relatives' neighborhood. I kept my eyes peeled the whole way home at the canals lining the roads and eventually saw several more on our way home. Stretch laughed at me, asking, "Made the whole hour you spent looking worth it?"

Okay, so this particular alligator wasn't in the wild. I took this while on a field trip with my daughter's pre-K class. But still...

I'm just saying: This is NOT the state to get over your fear of water.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I was shopping in one of those huge warehouse stores earlier today when I felt a tug on my shoe. I thought I'd stepped in something sticky (and I might have). But as I kept walking something just didn't feel right. I'd managed to break my shoe. Of course, I was at the back of the store when it happened. It wasn't a huge deal. The strap that went behind my heel had broken. But it was still a bit uncomfortable to walk around like that. Especially when the strap kept getting under my foot as I hobbled to the front to pay. I think my jeans were long enough that no one else noticed.

So, of course, my next stop was to pick up a cute pair of sandals that I'd noticed the day before but had talked myself out of buying. 'Cause I needed replacement shoes, of course! It was a sign. I'm sure of it!

Monday, February 02, 2009

seeing how the other half lives...

I don't get many date nights, but I guess this kind of makes up for that. This is where Stretch and I were Saturday night:

Who else was there? John Walsh, Anne Archer, Kyle Petty, and ambassadors from 8 countries. The wife of the ambassador from Monaco was very taken with Stretch's mess dress uniform (You can see it in the picture in the top right corner of this page). She told us she's been in Washington (D.C.) for 2 years but had not seen that uniform before. Then she concluded, "I guess I'm not getting invited to the right parties!"