Sunday, December 02, 2012

Eastern Med Cruise as seen by a kid

We just returned from our family's first ever cruise, a 10-day sailing thru the Eastern Med.  I failed to realized that part of the 8 year old's homework during that time was to write at least 5 sentences about each of her days during the vacation.  So she did it all today:

What I Did On My Vacation 
by Devil Pup

Chapter 1  The Hotel
After we flew on airplane to Italy, the manger of the hotel picked us up by a van.  He drove us to the hotel.  The hotel was more like a ranch then a hotel.
There were cows and bulls everywhere.
The cows by the road would stampede down to oppiste side of the field when they saw you for ten seconds.  The [A family] came to the hotel with us. But some people like the [B family], and the [C family], who came on the trip, but didn't go to the same hotel.  We stayed at the hotel for two and half days, then we left.

Chapter 2 Life On the Ship
Once we got on the ship we signed into kids club.  Kids club is where you have fun when your parents aren't around.  After that we went to the Garden Cafe for lunch.  Once I went there when I was grumpy and the girl who worked there said, "Washie, Washie, Happy, Happy."  Washie, Washie, is what they call handwash.  Next we went to our room, it was so tiny!  We went to the pool too, not the hottubs inside or the sauna and the spa.  Also the Sports place and the fittness center.  There was also a medical center and a briging room.  In the briging room you could see what the captian and his crew were working on. Every night our steward would make animals our of towels, he made a rabbit, a elephant, a frog, peguin, mouse, monkey, crocdile, swan, and a duckky.  I saw the stardust theather.  The shows I saw were the sing off, 60's music, stars on strings, elements, and of course the one I played in the circus.  My act was the feather you had to balnce the feather on your hand, finger, top of your finger, and chin.  Mudusa Louge is where everybody went to dance after the show.
Also the Casino where people smoked and drank beer and play games, it's disgusting!

Chapter 3 Olmpia Greece
 When our ship landded we got on a bus.  We went to where they had the first olmpics.  We got to run in the stadium.  Then L got hurt.  She was bleeding.  But luckily she felt better soon.  Next we saw where the tourch was held.  I learned that olmpics are held all over the world but the tourch is always held in olmpia.  Also I learned the olmpics were held for the fake god Zues.  Then I learned only a free man could play in the olmpics.  After that I learned Greeks play naked because they liked to show thier bodies.

Chapter 4 Athens Greece
When we went to a mountain next to a city, some dogs followed us.  The tour guide said they were stray dogs and you might not want to toch them because they have fleas.  Next we went to the ruined city next to us.  We also saw the oldest theater in the world.  There was a really good view up there.

Chapter 5 Istanbul Turkey
In Istanbul we went to the Blue Mosque.  You hafe to take your shoes off because the people who pray there put there head on the floor.  Next we went to the Spice Bazar I got a mudusa eye.  The We went to Haggia Sophia.  After that we went to the Underground Palce.  There were huge fish there.  I got to go to two contentnets because Istanbul is in Asia and Europe.

Chapter 6 Pompeii and Naples
We saw a theater where the actors were slaves.  We saw a pregnet woman who died from the blast.  Then it started raining the ruined streets were flooding with water.  Then it started hailing hard but good thing I had my hood on.  We saw a woman who died with her lover in the blast.  I got to eat pizza where pizza was invented in the city of Naples.