Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just another reason I'm NOT a Marine (just married to one):

I don't like sweating. As in the wet and dripping type of sweat. Nope. I don't enjoy it. In fact, it grosses me out. Now, I already knew this about myself. But I confirmed it this morning.

I started the Couch to 5K program this week in an effort to get in better shape. I want to use some of that extra time I have now that both kids are in school to get more exercise. The first 2 days I followed the program inside on a treadmill in our neighborhood clubhouse. (And yes, I worked up a sweat, just not like today!) When I found it wasn't open yet this morning, I decided to go ahead and do the workout outside despite the heat and mugginess.

I knew it would suck. About half or three-quarters of the way through the 30 minute walk/run workout, I wanted to die. By the time I got back home and stretched, the sweat was pouring off me. Ick. Stretch laughed at me when I asked if you could be allergic to your own sweat. (My chest started itching at some point and when scratched, I found it was covered in a sheen of sweat. Ick. Ick. Ick.)

I also asked Stretch if he could just go ahead and shoot me to put me out of my misery. For some wretched reason, the man refused and kept grinning at me (and probably inwardly laughing).


Amy said...

Honey, you need to find yourself some water aerobics. You can't feel yourself sweat!

Marine Wife said...

I did Day 2 of Week 2 and took Stretch's advice to slow my pace, so it wasn't too bad.
(Okay, it wasn't actually advice, it was more like this:
Stretch: You know you can set your own pace.
me: Apparently, I suck at that.)
But, anyway, I worked up a sweat and didn't want anyone to shoot me.

Jody said...

Motivated, motivated
Down right dedicated.
You can check us out. You can check us out.

That is the response the sailors at Great Lakes give when they are asked if they are motivated. As I have been reading about your workout, that came to mind.

That said, you motivated me to push myself today. I was able to get out and run...farther than I thought I could!!! Keep up the good work. I don't like to sweat either, but the accomplishment of what I accomplished in my workout is worth it!!!