Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"I need help"

L'il Sis has a bad habit of screaming very loudly and very shrilly whenever she wants something. is frustrated, needs help, etc. So we've been asking her to say, "Help, please" instead of screaming when she needs help. Yesterday, as I was making dinner and Big Sis was working on a tally chart and chattering away to me, I was vaguely aware that L'il Sis was saying something. Both girls were in the playroom. Big Sis was working on the counter on the other side of the kitchen sink and L'il Sis was on the floor near her (where I could hear her but couldn't see her). Anyway, poor L'il Sis must have been on her 3rd or 4th repetition before I realized what she was saying: "I need help. I...Need...Help. I NEED HELP!" Although initially neglected, L'il Sis did get heaps of praise from both Mommy and big sister for asking for help so well instead of screaming. And, yes, she did get help.

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