Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First day of First Grade

I can't believe my baby is in first grade already! But she is and today was her first day. Big Sis completely shocked me by getting out of bed all by herself (on time!) and getting ready for school with only a minimum of fuss. She was nervous but you'd never know it!

Fortunately, L'il Sis was going to daycare after Big Sis went to school so her backpack was ready to go as well. She took that as a substitute for Big Sis's lunchbox that she was trying to carry (until Big Sis tucked it into her backpack). As you can see, both girls were more than ready to go well before we needed to leave.

Big Sis was so pleased when she learned that a classmate from kindergarten would be in her first grade class this year (no easy feat, considering there are at least 7 first grade classes at her school!). After school, about the only thing Big Sis would tell me about her day was that her teacher had taken all her glue sticks. She told me this over and over and over. Apparently, it was quite the tragedy and she is having a difficult time getting over it.


Aunt Mary said...

Maeve looks so serious standing by her name!
And I LOVE Claire's t-shirt! Awwwww!

Meredith said...

What a good mommy you are! The growth chart on the first day of school is so cute. I think Liza's pencil marks have all been rubbed off the wall by now....

Cooks on the ROK said...

I got the 1st growth chart from a neighbor in 29 Palms who had a web business with a friend (www.inchbuyinch.com) producing them. It is a great idea, and not just for us military families who are always changing homes every few years. Kristen is still in business but I think she does the charts on canvas now as she is living overseas and mailing a 5 foot piece of wood from where she is is probably cost prohibitive.