Monday, August 07, 2006

Claire says...

We've been talking up the whole potty training thing lately. "Big girls use the potty, babies use their diapers...." you get the idea. The other morning, I tried to get Claire to just sit on the potty. Without looking at me (she looks away and ignores me if I'm saying something she doesn't want to hear), Claire responded, "No thank you sit on potty...[big pause]...'kay?" with a big smile.
Later, when I asked her if she was a big girl or a baby, she answered with an emphatic, "Baby!" So I guess that's that. She is definitely not interested for now!

Then there's the dinner battle. Lately, she hasn't wanted to eat much of anything at dinner. When we ask her to take a bite, Claire usually gives us a big grin (to the point I sometimes worry her cheeks will explode!) and says, "I drink-a milk!" One night, after 20 minutes of asking her to take just one bite, she finally did and pronounced, with great surprise, "I like it!" Meanwhile, I'm aging by the minute! Whoever it was who said that kids keep you young, they LIED!

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avec amy said...

It sounds like she has learned manners, however, saying it with a "no thank you" : ) Your last comment is funny. I hear that all the time. I'm in my mid 30s and we're considering having kids, but I say I'm getting too old (half joking, half not) - the response is always "but kids keep you young". At least we can make an informed decision now : )