Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2 year old carjacker

"Mommy! Look at Claire!" Maeve yelled. I immediately started looking around for Claire. She wasn't in the playground (like I thought she was). She was a few yards away, standing next to one of those motorized toy Jeeps, trying to pull a little boy out of it. Let me backtrack a bit. There were 2 little boys in the Jeep, both older and bigger than Claire. But she didn't let that stop her. She wanted to be in that Jeep, so somebody had to get out. So there she was. Pulling on that little boy, trying to get him out. As soon as I saw her, I yelled, "No! Stop that, Claire!" Not that it had any effect on her whatsoever. I had to physically pry her away and carry her away from the scene of the crime. Claire continued to tell me, "I sit in truck! I sit in truck!" She was plainly not listening when I tried to explain that (a) she didn't know those kids; and (b) carjacking just isn't nice!

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