Saturday, September 16, 2006

make-up artist

You can get the idea although this picture isn't that great -- it doesn't really show the full impact of what L'il Sis did to herself. She kept spinning away every time Sam tried to get a picture. Imagine! A 2-year old who didn't want to cooperate.

L'il Sis decided she needed a bit of color last weekend. Somehow, she found some crayons after escaping from her room in the early hours of Saturday morning. We found her like this -- the area around her mouth covered in purple crayon. She was also grinning away and laughing. Fortunately, she didn't eat the crayons -- she just used them as lipstick. So in addition to scribbling on the walls and doors any time she finds a pencil (muralist), she's now adding make-up artist to her coloring resume.


Anonymous said...

Man, she sounds like a little Aunt Mary!!! :o)

Cooks on the ROK said...

Hmm, I think I know who anonymous is. And yes, she is a lot like you! No soy sauce footprints as yet, though