Wednesday, February 22, 2006

kindergarten scholar

Big Sis spent much of her long President's Day weekend studying. She memorized her phone number and mastered 40 sight words from a list provided by her teacher. She's studying them in this picture. Her teacher tested her on them when she returned to school on Tuesday and she got them all right!

She also had to work on a science project. Yes, a science project. In kindergarten. She made tags with sticky windows to catch junk in the air and hung them inside and outside the house. After 3 days, she took them down and looked at them under a magnifying glass. Then she wrote out what she did and what she found and put it all on a posterboard for school. Her teacher told us she did a great job explaining and showing her experiment to her class. Her project is now hanging up somewhere in the school for this week's Science Expo.

The weekend wasn't all work for Big Sis. We went to the ice rink at Lotte World on Monday. Big Sis and Mom skated while L'il Sis and Dad explored, found a bookstore, bought books...

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Peng & Ai Li said...

Well done, Maeve. A natural born scientist :P