Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What is wrong with people?

I'm wondering if this story is getting any coverage in the States. I first saw a story in the Marine Corps Times about a motorcycle club called the Patriot Guard Riders that, by invitation, shows up at military funerals to chant patriotic slogans and wave flags in hopes of overshadowing another group. The other group is the Westboro Baptist Church led by Rev. Fred Phelps. These people picket military funerals, some go so far as to carry signs that say "Thank God for IEDs." Then, I read another article in the Stars & Stripes about this same group of people going even further. Police in Indiana had to boost security at a funeral of a soldier after his family had eggs thrown at their home and received a phone call from someone who said, "I'm glad your son is dead." The same family had garbage scattered across their property.

It doesn't really matter what their reasons are. What kind of person thinks it is okay to harass a bereaved family? What is wrong with these people? Not only have they ignored the rights of these families, they have shown themselves to be cruel and hateful people. I certainly hope there are more people out there like the Patriot Guard Riders, showing compassion and kindness to the bereaved families.

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It's sad...