Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It's been hectic and just a bit crazy here at Maison Dragonfly. In just 2 weeks, the packers will be here. Do you think we're ready? Not even close!

Today, Stretch left for a few days to attend a conference. He'll be back by the weekend which is jam-packed with engagements. Tonight, a good friend dropped by to give me a hard time about leaving so soon. Our schedules just never quite meshed and we kept missing each other so that she hadn't been aware of my imminent departure until recently. While we were catching up, the girls acted like complete heathens. Finally, Big Sis settled down to read. But L'il Sis...

From the corner of my eye, I saw that she was carrying her shampoo in a little basket. I immediately informed her that she was not to play with her bath things and that she was to put it back immediately. So, she trotted back upstairs. A short while later, I was saying good-bye to my friend when L'il Sis comes back downstairs, holding her arms out in front of her and making a distressed noise. Upon closer inspection I see that her hands and forearms are soapy. So I take her into the powder room to rinse her off and find that half of her head is also soapy. It seems she'd opened the shampoo and put it in her hair.

By this time, it is bedtime and I hadn't planned on giving her a bath. So I put her in the tub and rinsed her. After drying her off and blow-drying her hair, I put her to bed. And she'd better stay there!


Jody said...

I love it! Of course I wouldn't love it had it been my child. I have never liked bath time, so I would have been livid. If we ever get her and Hannah together we had better use CONSTANT supervision. The combined power could be beyond dangerous. I think they would be best of friends.

trying said...

too funny... dash-1 just did the SAME thing the other day. he hates having his hair washed so why he would want to wash it himself while he was nice and dry i havent a foggy idea but he did.