Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In which Stretch dislikes my choice in pens...

Stretch asked for a pen as he was getting ready to write a note to a pal. I handed him one and he started to write. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at the pen.

Stretch: "I'm not using a purple pen to write M!!!"
me: "What's wrong with purple?"
Stretch: "It's not that kind of Marine Corps yet."

And then we watched an episode of "The Pacific."


Sara said...

Not that kind of marine corps yet. Classic. That's hillarious.

airforcewife said...

LMBO! He's hilarious!

AFG refuses to use my pens as well (I also rock the purple whenever possible). He's going to be very jealous he didn't think of Stretch's line there, though.

Although, I mean, he is in the *Air Force*, so it doesn't have the same depth of feeling attached to it.

Amy said...

Ha! I suppose when the Marine Corps is writing in purple ink will be the day Stretch retires.