Saturday, June 26, 2010

Between homes...again

See this big moving truck? 

Yeah, we filled up about half of it.  Which might not sound too bad for some of you out there.  But once upon a time, Stretch and I only needed a half-day pack-out and another half-day to load the truck.  Those days are long gone!

For the past 2 moves, we've needed 2 days to pack us out (that's the pros doing the packing, not us!) and another day for them to load the truck like a giant game of Tetris.    I was informed by Stretch that "we're packing too much, Troop!"

Our girls have been on vacation during this process.  (Does that make us their PCS fairies?).  We took our girls to Stretch's parents in another state before the packers arrived.  There were no little hands digging into boxes as they were being packed and pulling things out.  Plus, they get to have lots of fun with one of their cousins and their grand-parents.  From the sounds of it, they are having a great time, with every day being a field trip day!  As you can see, Devil Pup approves!

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