Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mother's Day: Hiking Namsan

This picture of Seoul Tower (or Namsan Tower) wasn't taken the same day. But that was our destination the afternoon of Mother's Day. We took a cab to the backside of Namsan to hike up to the tower. Then we came back down the other side and ended up hiking home, somewhat accidently. We meant to catch a cab home but kept walking while looking for one and finally decided we were close enough not to bother.

Claire catches a ride going up Namsan. She also hiked a good portion of the way.
This was at the top by the Tower. Claire was asleep by this point. I thought the little "soccer balls" with tufts of grass that are behind me were pretty funny.

Views of Seoul. I had to get a picture of the kimchi pots on the roof. And you've got to love the air quality! You can see the smog in the last two pictures, especially.

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