Friday, June 09, 2006

National Museum

These are pictures from the Children's Museum portion of the National museum. Children are free but the adults had to pay something like 5oo won (a little over 50 cents). It was meant to be about an hour or so of hands-on exploring for the kids.
Grandma tries to show Maeve how to use this drum.

Claire discovered the kitchen. One side was modern and the other was a traditional kitchen from the "olden days." I didn't think I would ever get Claire out of there. She would have played there all day if she could! Eventually, I convinced her there were others things she might enjoy as well. While she ran back and forth in the kitchen, emptying plastic food from one container to another, someone asked if she was 3. This was about a week before her 2nd birthday! It was an American asking so, no, they weren't referring to her Korean age.

Maeve tries her hands at another drum.

As much as Claire enjoyed the kitchen, Maeve really liked trying to grind grain. I don't know why she liked it so much, but we had a hard time dragging her away!

Claire made an attempt at playing a traditional musical instrument.

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