Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Flooding in the ROK

Sam emailed me some incredible pictures of the flooding here in Korea which I can't figure out how to post here. The Han River is at its highest point in 30 years. It has overflowed its banks and flooded the parks on its banks and has even flooded parts of the Olympic Expressway which runs next to the river on its south bank. For a comparison to those of you who have never been to Seoul, imagine the Washington Beltway flooded in places. There were pictures of buses in Youido (part of Seoul), where all you could see were the tops of the buses! These pictures were taken a couple of days ago when it was really pouring down rain. Seoul has received 14 inches of rain in the last week with more expected. In fact, I just received a weather advisory telling me heavy rain is expected for the next few days, with the possiblity of as much as 2 to 6 inches daily. Hm-m...just wondering if this is how Noah felt...

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