Sunday, July 16, 2006

rain rain, go away....

What a week! Last Sunday, we lost power for most of the day (from around 1:30 p.m. to almost 10:00 p.m.). They finally got it back on, then we lost it again Monday morning around 9 a.m. We were put on a generator a little before 5 p.m. and were told to limit usage of high wattage appliances like the A/C, washer & dryer, and stove. And we've been on the generator ever since! I think it finally ran out of fuel today (Sunday) when we again lost power. This time, they had the generator running shortly after they arrived. I've been told it could be 10 to 15 days before they can fix the problem. Fun!
To add to all of that, it's been raining since Monday! That's right, it's Sunday now and it's still raining. You do the math. The typhoon that went by the peninsula explains Monday and maybe even Tuesday. But it doesn't explain Saturday and today, when it was really coming down. Welcome to monsoon season! We may not need to go to the pool for Maeve's swim lesson this week.

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