Monday, April 16, 2007


L'il Sis missed out on Easter egg decorating when she fell asleep coming home from dinner on Saturday night. But her sister and cousins made enough mess for themselves and her. (Check out Big Sis's hands) My sister had provided an egg coloring kit that billed itself as "less mess." Au contraire, mon frere! We might have been better off just dipping the kids in vats of dye and getting it over with.
Enjoying Easter morning with the cousins.

So, what's in your basket/bucket/whatever?

It was so cold that the kids originally had their egg hunt in the living room. Later in the afternoon, the older kids hid eggs for the younger ones in the front yard. Here, Big Sis is "helping" L'il Sis find eggs. Since she hid them, she knew just where L'il Sis should look! Actually, she was really sweet and it was one of those moments when you look at them and think, "Now why can't you be this nice to each other ALL the time?" Yes, I know, major wishful thinking on my part. Hey, a mom can dream!

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