Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What a difference a few months make

The girls with our neighbor's dog: The amazing thing about this picture is that neither child would have been this close to a dog (willingly) before we left Korea just a few months ago. Our older daughter has taken her new-found comfort level with dogs to frightening new heights. She managed to trap a stray dog in a neighbor's garage last weekend. It was skittish and eventually would only follow her. We had several lectures afterward, including one by email from Dad, about not approaching or touching strange dogs. Every word seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Maybe if I keep lecturing, she will absorb the message eventually? While we don't want her to be afraid of dogs, we also don't want her approaching every dog she sees as not all dogs are friendly. Fortunately, her little sister (usually, the daredevil in the family) still has a healthy dose of caution in this area. Which is so ironic considering their personalities.

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liberal army wife said...

perhaps take her to the local animal shelter and have the vet/staff there teach her about how to approach dogs etc. She could even "volunteer" there, a little puppy playing...