Thursday, March 22, 2007

Conversation with the 2 year old...

  • (While getting her dressed)
  • Her: What's that? (pointing to herself)
  • Me: (deep breath) That's your nipple.
  • Her: O-o-h-h...nipple....

  • (Later, while I'm getting dressed)
  • Her: What're those?
  • Me: (another deep breath) Breasts.
  • Her: (pointing) Belly!
  • Me: That's right. Belly.
  • Her: (walking around and patting me) Body!
  • Me: Booty?
  • Her: (singing while twisting and gyrating) Shake your booty!

  • I had to laugh because I swear I did not teach that to her! Yes, I might have taught her older sister at that age but I did not teach her.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Kids are the best comedy ever.