Saturday, February 23, 2008


I know postings have been few and far between lately. This past week, we had my 2 youngest nephews here for the week (newly minted 3 year old and 14 month old). While they were fine, having 4 kids in the house was exhausting. I don't know how my sister does it every day! (She has 2 older ones who were farmed out elsewhere.) It certainly drove home the point to both Stretch and me that we are so done in the procreation department!

The boys left today. Later this evening, my mother-in-law is coming so she can watch our girls for the next week. Stretch and I will be away attending classes. A couple of weeks after that, we will all be gone for 2 weeks to visit my mother and stepfather while Stretch takes another class. Then there will be house hunting (heh heh, Stretch is staying here with the kids while I go! heh heh). And Stretch has yet another class. Then we'll PCS.

So... no promises on regularity of postings. It will be very hit or miss here for the next few months.


trying said...

Good luck with your classes, house hunting and all other comings and goings!

Hope to hear more from you about everything....

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Good luck in your house hunting! That's always exciting :) Where are you PCSing to? (did I miss that in another post?)