Monday, April 21, 2008

by the numbers....

Sometimes, I think too much.

While driving across yet another state last week, I decided to tally up just how long Stretch has been with us during this past assignment. That was a mistake.

We will be in our present home for almost 16 months when we move out this summer. During that time, Stretch will have been home for roughly 3 months, not all together but if you piece the individual days and weeks together.

We're going to have very different memories of this duty station. I doubt he'll remember the house at all. And after all my, ahem, issues with this house, I doubt I'll be able to forget it!


Jody said...

I knew you had a blog, and use to check it when you were in South Korea. Now that I have made the technological leap, I will be a faithful follower.

trying said...

yeah I've learned that tallying up the days never turns out to be the pick me up I hope it will be.

I hope you have wonderful memories in your new house and less issues! althought they do make for great blogging fodder!

Jody said...

Hey! I got tagged today and am supposed to tag 7 people. So you are it. If you don't want to do this that is fine. I won't be offended. I only know three people who have a blog and you are one of the lucky ones (yeah, you!). I went to one of my favorite blogs and introduced myself to 4 other people. It is a blog for a woman who writes Bible studies and the women who respond are Christians (supposedly) so hopefully I didn't just connect with any weirdos!
Write 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 more people.

ABW said...

We're in the same boat. The kids and I have been at Hood for 6 1/2 years when he gets back. He will have been here for about 3.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!!!! I think I read this a while back, and it stuck, and then I posted my own 'by the numbers' without remembering you had given me the idea! So I will go and fix that right now! I even inadvertantly stole your title!

Anyway, thanks for the idea! And I will give credit where it's due, right now!