Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm beginning to hate stickers

Stickers. Kids get them as rewards. Oh, but I'm beginning to hate the sight of them. It's bad enough that L'il Sis will stick them on any and every unsuitable surface. But I can deal with that. That's what Goo Gone is for. But in the past week, stickers have caused 2 melt-downs by Big Sis and a panic episode for L'il Sis.

After their first swim lesson with their new swim teacher last week, she gave L'il Sis a sticker. Big Sis didn't get one because she was busy swimming and playing in another part of our community pool (her lesson was first and then she went off to play and met a little girl her age). On the way home, when she realized L'il Sis had a sticker and she didn't, major meltdown. By the way, she will be 8 in a couple of months and L'il Sis just turned 4.

Yesterday, they had another swim lesson. This time Big Sis made sure she stayed close enough to get her sticker. Both received stickers and when it was time to go home, Big Sis took a long circuitous route around a large yard to get to our car. L'il Sis started to chase after her over the grass, but when I called her back to me, the sticker fell off her wet body and she lost the small sticker in the grass. Tears and upset followed. Big Sis was sweet and tore her sticker in half to share with L'il Sis.

Today, both girls had a medical checkup so that they can be enrolled in schools here. L'il Sis also had to receive 2 shots. The nurse told her she could pick 2 stickers as a result. You can see where this is going, can't you? Big Sis had a major meltdown before we ever got out of the office. She crumpled up her one sticker and kept throwing it in on the floor. (I made her keep picking it up so she could throw it into the trash.) Out in the car, after she lost TV privileges, L'il Sis offered to share with her, but she was having none of it.

All this because of stickers that will not last the day and end up in the trash anyway. Seriously?!


Jody said...

I can't believe Big Sis got that worked up over the stickers. Although my kids often get worked up over things I think they should be able to handle at their ages. I think I hate balloons the way you hate stickers. Red Robin is one of our favorite places to go after church. The part I hate is that the kids get balloons on the way out. I only have issues with helium balloons. They either float away, pop or are deflated by morning. I can feel your sticker pain! :):)

Meredith said...

I hate bank lollipops, if that makes you feel any better. I should not have to tell a bank teller that my 10 and 6 yr old children fight over flavors, so whatever you do.. give them the same one! Plus the sticky sticks and dirty teeth and all that...

I love stickers, but as a professional I LIVE BY the sticker. My kids have never been as rewarded as yours seem to, tho. This too shall pass.

The Mrs. said...

stickers dont bother me too much, but my husband HATES them. He freaked out once on his second grade teacher, his mom still loves telling that story. He's afraid they will get stuck somewhere and leave a nasty mark. I sneak them in for the kids when hubs is away.

Marine Wife said...

it's not so much the stickers as the melt-downs they cause