Monday, August 18, 2008

1st day of 3rd grade

Big Sis started 3rd grade at her 3rd school today. I usually try to take her picture by her growth stick on the first day of school. Usually, I do this in the morning. Today, between first day AND new school jitters AND the possibility of our first hurricane, well, I just forgot. So we did it after school. After homework. Big Sis insisted on that. (It was less homework and more paperwork for me and memorizing a few things for her.) Although she didn't want to tell me anything about her first day ("Quit asking questions about school, Mom!"), it was obvious that she came home excited and ready for this next year. I love that she gets excited about school and I hope she can hold onto that excitement throughout her school years.
It was starting to rain when L'il Sis and I left to pick up Big Sis at school. Her school lets out at 2:00. We left the house at 1:40 (we live less than 5 minutes away). Because it was raining, I got into the carpool lane instead of parking and picking her up at the spot where walkers are met. Big mistake! It was after 2:30 when I finally turned into the school's gate to make the short loop around the front entrance and it was 2:45 before I had Big Sis in the car. In future, either L'il Sis and I will just get drenched or we'll leave around 2:30 or later to get Big Sis!
Update: Some of you asked about Big Sis' outfit. She attends a public school, but all of the schools in this county have a "uniform." At her school, the kids can wear 4 colors (black, navy blue, khaki, and olive green) on the bottom in a variety of styles (skort, bermuda shorts, pants, capris) and any solid color top without logos. Of the colors they are allowed for their bottoms, I could only find 2.


Meredith said...

Such a cute picture! Is it a uniform? My kids don't start until the 25th. They cannot wait!

I'm sooo glad I don't have to pick up kids from school. I just let them roam the halls as I work there. 45 min for a 5 min drive is too much for me. I can't even leave my campus <20min before end of school. Those cars are insane!

She's going to have a great year!

Jody said...

She looks so grown up! My kids started school today (just a few days late). I would always try to be at the front of the pick up line at their old school, but that school was small enough that it didn't take long. I think the majority of the kids were bus riders. We'll see how the new line is at 2:20 today!

Guard Wife said...

CUTE!!! :)

M1 would be jealous of her navy skirt/skort. Our girls only have the "plain" option in pants. Otherwise, it's a plaid jumper or plaid skirt. I think they should have the skort option...which I plan to pose at the PTO mtg b/c those junior high girls' skirts are ENTIRELY too short and there is NO coverage of their (ahem)...NOT very religious, if you ask me!

Amy said...

CUTE pictures! Glad she enjoyed her first day! We wear uniforms at our public schools, too, but our requirements are more stringent. We can have khaki bottoms and navy or white tops.

The Mrs. said...

She looks so excited! Good luck with a new school year.

And hope fay just drenches yall and nothing worse. I was left behind once when they moved the planes due to incredibly high winds. It did kinda speak volumes to me but I'm told it was nothing personal!