Friday, September 05, 2008

Just another moving perk...

Stretch complains about "breaking in" new barbers. But he gets a haircut every week. So if he gets a bad haircut one week, it will be different (if not better) the next week.

Today, I went to a hairdresser for the first time since moving here. Yes, I was well overdue but hesitant about finding a new place to go. And unlike Stretch, I only have my hair done every 6-8 weeks (ideally, in reality, well that's another story). I feel I have a lot less room for error than Stretch.

I went in for color and a trim today. The greys really needed covering but I don't want to take the plunge with a new haircut until I know a hairdresser better. Today's appointment went okay. The color turned out well. And I have no complaints about the trim. She barely took anything off and didn't charge me so that was a plus.

But can someone please tell me why every hairdresser I go to wants to make my hair flip out when they style it?! The woman today even went so far as to recommend a cut that would make flipping it even easier. But I don't want my hair to flip out like that weird pink and purple Doodlebop character. I have nothing against the style. Some women look quite nice wearing it. I just don't want it on MY head.


Jody said...

Too funny. I had my hair cut here for the first time last week and the lady about died when I told her I didn't want layers. I caved and let her stack it. Why can't they understand we just like it the way we like it?

loquita said...

I have the same problem with the flip thing - why are stylists sooooo into the whole flip-up style?? I think it looks goofy on me, and makes me look too young.

Glad things went well this time, maybe you can let her take a little more off next time. :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am OBSESSED with having my hair turn under. Then again...I am obsessed with a lot of things! :)

Meredith said...

Having really fine hair, and not a lot of it anymore.... stylists are always wanting to put sticky-lifter and teasing in my hair. ICK.

I am obsessed with having movable, brush-able hair. It may be flat, but it's mine. No frozen-freaky-frightened hair on me. It just looks desperate.