Friday, September 12, 2008

Proud mama

Last night was curriculum night at Big Sis' new school. I'm still not impressed. And although it's not very big of me, I couldn't help feeling not just proud but a bit gleeful when Big Sis' teacher told me last night that she is his best student. Apparently she is always the first done with any work, the first ready with an answer in class. As a result, she is the one he usually sends on errands.

I wasn't entirely surprised because she has always gotten great reviews from teachers. I just want to know why can't she bring some of that home with her?!


Diane said...

Good job with Big Sis! My son had a buddy over from school yesterday and he was an angel the whole time he was here. When his mom came to pick him up he was weird, wouldn't listen, grabby, kicking rocks, etc. She asked if he was like that the whole time and he wasn't that way at all when he was with me. I'm sure my son is the same way - silly and won't listen to me at all, but an angel with other adults! I've adopted some of his Kindergarten teacher's rules "bumpers up, voices off!" since he seems to listen to her!!

Jody said...

Way to go Big Sis!!!

Meredith said...

Ooh, good job Big Sis! -Gotta give Momma Pride. I already blabbed about Eliza's reading levels... just 'cause she's NOT the teacher-pleaser, NOT the most organized, but had the highest tested reading comprehension level in class this week. (10th grade comprehension, and our elementary school tests don't go much higher). She knew her mom was very proud.

I'm glad Big Sis gets a gold star today, too.