Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day. As we took L'il Sis to preschool, we passed a tiny parade making it's way to our town's Veteran's Memorial which is located on the corner of 2 busy streets. Canopies and chairs were in place and presumably some speeches would be made. The only other indication that it might be Veteran's Day around here were the scruffy looking young men in pseudo-cammies that I saw on a busy street corner collecting money for a Veteran's group. Unfortunately, I don't know how legitimate they were. They might be perfectly legit, but they sure didn't look it.

This Veteran's Day, I'm really missing being around a military community (which usually has a strong retiree population as well). On the other hand, I did meet a man at the Birthday Ball the other night who served as a Corpsman on Iwo Jima.

To all those who serve and have served: Thank you!

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Meredith said...

Happy late Veteran's Day! I've lived in military towns 1/2 as often as you and I still take for granted the celebrations I see. We had a moderate one, but with lots of military parents in dress uniforms coming to speak to the students. Also the Rotary Club puts flags on everyone's front yards (BIG ONES) for only $25/year here. It covers Veteran's day, 4th July, Memorial Day, September 11, and some other day I'm forgetting. I forget you aren't in a military town anymore and I am. How bizarre.