Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Military weekend

I spent last weekend wrangling the kids and spending more time than I care to think about sitting in a high school theater, forcing short hair into a bun and trying to put makeup on a 5 year old. In the end, she just wore blush. L'il Sis had her dance recital on Sunday afternoon so the dress rehearsal was Saturday. We managed to leave the rehearsal after only 3 hours, older girls had to stay much longer.

While I was having such wonderful fun, what do you suppose Stretch was doing? On at least one day, he was jumping out of a perfectly good plane. One of his landings was less than perfect and he was dragged across the landing zone. His uniform did its job and he came through relatively unscathed (small scratch on a finger). But the uniform is shredded. Now, part of me was appalled at the sight of that uniform because I much prefer to not have evidence of the dangers of Stretch's job in my face. It's much nicer to think of such things in the abstract -- not quite so "real" that way.

But I'm not gonna lie. Another part of me was thinking about how much it's going to cost to replace that uniform.


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

My thoughts exactly... I always wonder how much it is going to set us back! haha!

The Mrs. said...

uniforms are EXPENSIVE! my husband flies the perfectly good airplanes and he doesnt quite get why people want to jump out of them either!

Amy said...

You have to pay for a new uniform? Seriously? Seems like something that should be provided to him. Since you know, he's willing to jump out of a plane for his country and all.

Marine Wife said...

Oh, Amy, don't take this the wrong way but your comment made me laugh so much I may have to do a whole separate post on it! Oh, yes, we pay for his uniforms and some are insanely expensive for how little they are worn!