Sunday, June 28, 2009


L'il Sis: Because I was insisting on the girls standing when they were supposed to in church and expecting a certain minimum standard of behavior during the service, L'il Sis loudly proclaimed, "You're mean!" Why, yes, I am and I'm about to get meaner!

Big Sis: After Big Sis discovered the diving boards, she asked me, "Mom, do you weigh less than 250 lbs.?" What?! Uh, yes, by a considerable margin, thank you very little! (She was asking because the diving boards had posted weight limits.) When I asked her if she thought I weighed that much, she said yes, it was in my legs. Gee, thanks.

Stretch: Stretch is at home while the girls and I are half-way across the country, visiting relatives. He called me wanting to get directions to somewhere he'd been invited. I suggested he look at a map in one of our kitchen drawers. He'd already left the house and thought I might either know how to get there or would be able to get online to find out. (Um, no, I was in the car.) I'm currently 5 states and a timezone away. And I'm beginning to get the idea that maybe I make things a little too easy for him at home.


The Mrs. said...

those are all classic. just classic.

loquita said...

time for stretch to bust out those Marine Corps land-nav skills! :-D

Guard Wife said...

When I was VERY pregnant with M2, M1 looked at me and said, "Mommy, are you sure you gots a baby in 'dare?" I laughed and said, "Of course I do! Look at my belly! What did you think was in there?"

She said, "A baby elephant!"


Amy said...

Hahaha. One of our teacher's kids (the mom is a skinny minny) told HER teacher that her legs were fluffier than her mom's. Love the honesty.

liberal army wife said...

GPS - best thing we ever bought. Chief passes all the Army map reading and survival stuff... but in civilian life, not so much. Just a thought!

I remember my son asking me if I was over 50 (I was 30 or so) He was worried that I was so old that I would be in a nursing home before he left high school. sigh. That day I felt ancient! Now HE'S 30, and I admit I laughed at his "I'm OLD, Mom" phone call!