Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inner dialogue

I'm on week 8 of the 9 week Couch to 5K Program. Today I was supposed to run for 28 minutes. Yeah. I was supposed to that on Monday, too, and it didn't go well. Not at all.
So this was today's inner dialogue while on the treadmill:

You can do this! You CAN!
Oh, my God! How much longer?! I can't do that !
Don't think about it! You can do this!
(about 10 minutes into the run) I really don't think I can make it. This hurts! Need to stop...
Don't stop! You can do this!
Maybe I'm just not meant to run that long!
Don't give up! Keep going!
Hmm.... maybe if I can just make it to 25 minutes. I've done that before. Yeah, I'll just run 25 minutes.
(I wasn't too sure I was going to make even the revised goal, until I put on a certain song a couple of minutes before the new goal) Okay, just make it to the end of this song. You can do that! Feeling better. You can do this!
(The song ended at the 26 minute mark) Yes! Hey, only 2 more minutes to 28. You can do 2 minutes! It's only 2 minutes. C'mon! You can do this!
(Check the time) Oh, thank God! Only a minute and a half! You've got this! You're almost there.
(As the 28 minutes ended) Yes! It's over!

The embarrassing thing is I may have muttered some of this out loud.

Later, I had a conversation with a good friend who told me about a similar dialogue she had with herself on her local track. When she told her husband about it, he seemed stunned and asked, "Do you really have these conversations with yourself?"

To which I can only answer, "Um, yeah. Gotta problem with that?"


loquita said...

My response is, who *doesn't* do this?? I do it with running, crossfit, biking, swimming, you name it!

I think those with a stunned reaction will probably be in the minority.

And great job on your run! You will be busting out that whole 5K in no time!

Jody said...

LOL!!! I love it! I'm laughing so hard I am almost in tears!!! I sure do miss having you close by, my friend!!

Sara said...

good for you! I have conversations like that with myself when I'm doing normal peopl crossfit. "Only 5 reps. come on! Five! You've done that before! Easy peezy!"

Yeah and I say it outloud.

I think I'm going to do this program when I'm unpregnant. I'm not much of a runner but it sounds do-able!