Sunday, October 04, 2009

What does this button do?

Big Sis knows how to push our buttons. Tonight, it was Stretch's turn.

One of Big Sis' jobs is to pour milk for herself and her sister for dinner each night. She is notorious for trying to skimp on her glass. As she was pouring, she asked, "Mom, what's sex?" Okay. We're sitting down to dinner and the 5 year old is sitting right there, so I said, "Whether you're a boy or a girl."

Then, she filled her cup with more milk than her sister's tonight. She pointed it out as she sat down to dinner and asked if anyone was wondering why she had so much milk, looking at her dad with a twinkle in her eye. Then she informed us that it was so "these" will grow and pointed at her chest. I thought Stretch was going to have a stroke.

She went on to ask what a tamp0n is. And then casually mentioned wanting puberty to happen. Stretch got a headache and I started to worry his head might explode from the sudden rise in blood pressure.

Naturally, Stretch's over the top reactions resulted in a lot of laughter. L'il Sis didn't really know why she was laughing, but thought it was all hugely funny anyway.

Quietly, I told Big Sis that I would answer any questions she had after dinner but that we weren't going to talk about it over dinner (and in front of her dad and 5 year old sister, to boot). Since I had already covered a lot of what she was asking about with her, I had a hunch she just wanted to punch Stretch's buttons.

Of course, after dinner, she had more important things to do and was no longer interested.


airforcewife said...

Oh dear Lord in Heaven. Poor Stretch.

I'm lmao, of course.

The Mrs. said...

your poor husband! tell him that my middle one is pushing flyboys buttons, granted hes cheering for the wrong football team not talking about puberty but hey buttons are buttons.

Jody said...

LOL!!! I can just see Stretch's face! He is in big trouble. You better real her in a bit or deployments might seem way to appealing to him for a few years. ;)

Amy said...

LOL! She's cracking me up!

loquita said...

I'm with airforcewife -- LMAO!! You've got a smart little lady on your hands, poor Stretch!