Tuesday, January 05, 2010


It finally got chilly here. Not cold, but chilly. I was wearing an old college sweatshirt the other day with the name of the state of the state school I attended. Big Sis asked about it and I said it was where I went to school. High school or college, she asked. I explained that while I attended both in that state, the shirt actually referred to the college I attended. Big Sis studied it for a moment, then said, with surprise, "And you still fit in it?"

I know that to a 9 year old, I'm getting dumber by the day. After that remark, I really don't want to know what I look like to her.


Spanish Princess said...

That's funny! I love when kids speak their minds, but then I'm expecting my first to arrive in 6-weeks, so we'll see how long I find it amusing!

Jody said...

Too funny! I think in their minds we have grown up since college, not neccessarily out or more round!