Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who did I tick off?!

Was it St. Barbara? Or maybe Molly Pitcher? I'm wondering this as I'm mentally preparing myself for a move this summer (and no, I don't know WHERE we're going yet, just that we ARE going). I've heard that there are military families that get to stay in one place for 3 years. I've even heard of so-called "homesteaders" who get to stay in one place for years on end. But I think that might just be an urban legend. My family certainly doesn't fit into either of those categories.

Since moving shortly after my husband's first deployment to Iraq in the summer of 2003, this is the breakdown of how long we've lived at any given place:

18 months, 23 months, 17 months (with my husband deployed for 12), and soon 2 years.

Granted, I tend to think it's time to move after 3 or 4 years in any one place. But I haven't had the chance to develop those itchy feet in 7 years. Also, I'm a bit handicapped as military spouses go: I'm an introvert. Shocking, I know. It takes me a good 12 to 18 months to really feel comfortable in a place, make friends (not just acquaintances), find doctors, dentists, and hairdressers.

Just last week, I finally found a great hairdresser whose prices are more than reasonable. Then it hit me. We're moving in 6 months.


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*Update: The PTBs (Powers That Be) are toying with me. We just found out where we're going. From all accounts, it will be a great duty station. The kicker? It will only be for a year.


The Mrs. said...

we are those crazy folks who have been in the same place for *gasp* seven + years. And it sucks. We don't have anymore certainty of homesteading here then you do where you are. Actually, you know more because you KNOW you'll move. Every 18 months or so a rumor comes out that we are packing up, sometimes it gets as far as being told to start finding houses, but then the Marine Corps figures out they got our hopes up and laughs. And we stay. But we don't feel 100% comfortable here, whenever we talk about things, there is always the "if we stay" "if we are here for elementary school" "if we are still around then" in front of every statement.

it sucks.

and we aren't even near a real base. double suck.

Sahne said...

It's January and all over the military bases you can hear a humming. That is the sound of the spouses wondering if they are leaving and the ones that know they are leaving. Moving time stinks.

Jody said...

I know it is hard on you being in those places for short periods of time and I can totally relate to taking a long time to get settled.

Heather said...

We've been lucky to stay put for 3 years everywhere we go. Long enough to get settled, but short enough to satisfy my itch to move on. Hang in there. Hopefully you're going somewhere cool!

Amy said...

The thought of moving makes me ill. I'd like to -- but after 12 years in this house, I can't imagine moving all this stuff!

Good luck and enjoy your hairdresser for the next 6 months.

b said...

Although I was not a military wife I do relate to the uncertainty of the "when we move". Figuring out who can cut your hair and where the best dry cleaners is or Sunday School for the children can be a daunting task. I wish you well...just know that you are not nor ever will be alone in this.

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