Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jeju-do #1

We flew to Jeju-do for a short vacation while Grandma Mun and Papa David were visiting. "Do" means island in han-guk (Korean). We spent 2 full days seeing the island and enjoyed great weather. The only bad weather we had was the evening we arrived and then it started to rain a bit the morning we left. After getting off the plane, collecting luggage, and finally getting our rental van, we were off to see Jeju-do! Our first stop was the Dragon's Head Rock. Claire fell asleep so she and Sam missed it. Sam had already seen it so he stayed in the van with her. The rest of us trooped down to the shore to view it. The wind really started to gust and it started to sprinkle on us before we made it back to the van. Then, we drove to the south side of the island to find our hotel. It rained and then we found ourselves blanketed in fog as we drove over the mountain to get to the southern side. Fortunately, the weather cleared by the next morning.

While at the Dragon's Head Rock, we saw a woman by the water's edge, squatting down and obviously doing some sort of work. Mom climbed down the rocks to see what she was doing down by the water. Was she catching something from the water?

No, she was washing dishes.

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