Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Roadtrip stop #1: Daegu

After driving from Seoul, we arrived in Daegu in the late afternoon. The first thing we did was hike up a hill to Apsan Park ("san" apparently means mountain in Korean) where we then hiked the walking/exercise trail at the base of Apsan. It was getting late and both little people and big people needed to be fed so we decided to go back to the hotel instead of taking the cable car to the top of the mountain.

L'il Sis and Mom coming off the trail

The next day, we found the hotel where my sister was born. (I tried to post a picture but it kept appearing sideways.) We had lunch at a kal-bi house. For some insane reason, we opted for sitting on the floor, so Stretch probably limped for 10 minutes after leaving the restaurant. Then it was off to Dalseong Park where mom used to take me when I was 2. There was a small zoo there and the cherry blossoms were beautiful. The girls each got a balloon but Big Sis somehow commandeered them both before it was over.

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Peng & Ai Li said...

LOL... poor sam :(