Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dancing Queen

My mother in law came down on Saturday afternoon so we could all attend a graduation dinner. L'il Sis had not napped AT ALL, despite best efforts. So I was a bit nervous as to just how quickly we would need to exit in case of a melt-down. But she did really well.

There was a DJ. And L'il Sis danced and danced. Girlfriend boogied until she just couldn't boogie anymore. Okay, it was more like until her mama said it was time to go. And... she was the ONLY one dancing. This 3 year old was the entertainment, the floor show. Everyone seemed to be getting a huge kick out of her. The fact that she had an appreciative audience only encouraged her. She made sure they appreciated her. At one point, she kept yelling, "Look at me! Look at me, peoples!" She had some moves, I tell you. She'd be dancing (with rhythm) and suddenly do a ballet move.

I'm not sure how long she danced but it had to be over 30 minutes straight. Then she took a short break to inhale a piece of cake (refueling?) before dancing some more. Big Sis wanted to dance but didn't want to do so in front of everyone. She tried to make Grammy come dance with her, but Grammy said nothing doing to that. But L'il Sis, not an inhibited or embarrassed bone in her body.

Oh, AND she kept pulling her dress up. Good thing she had matching bloomers on. And yes, I tried to get her to stop. So did Big Sis. For all the good it did. I guess sometimes the urge comes over you and you have to flip the dress up. She also did a lot of hair flipping.

Of course, I forgot to take either a camera or camcorder so have no record of it. Sorry.

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avec amy said...

That's too bad you didn't get it on video, you could have used it to embarrass her later in her teens. Something tells me you'll have more opportunities to catch her in action. I like the new blog header and photo!