Saturday, June 30, 2007

not exactly on a roll, but close

Things are still not going well but wanted to share the latest. L'il Sis wanted to wear a nightgown tonight. I reminded her that she could wear one when she used a potty like a big girl. Then I had the brainwave to show her the pretty Tinkerbell nightgown that Grammy had gotten her some time ago but that she hasn't been able to wear. A few minutes later, L'il Sis announced she wanted to pee in the potty and ran off to the bathroom. She sat there while I went about doing other things. Suddenly, a commotion from the bathroom. Both girls are talking. L'il Sis is saying she peed in the potty. Big Sis says she's not sure if it happened or not. By the time I get there, L'il Sis is standing up and looking in the potty and, sure enough, she'd done it! She flushed the toilet saying "Bye-bye, pee!" but then had to flush it again and say it again because the potty hadn't been emptied into it yet.

She got to wear the nightgown to bed tonight.


Meredith said...

Yeah, Lil Sis! Once it starts, it just gets better and better... Like my mom always said to me, "Don't worry, you won't be packing pull-ups in (his/her) kindergarten backpack."

Queen of the Mayhem said...

A victory is a victory! CONGRATS!

steph! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Potty training - ugh! Thing 1 was a breeze, Thing 2 will be 4 in two months and is JUST NOW FINALLY not wetting himself at some point during the day...(I hate to even type it for fear that somehow he will regress).

I hope your Thing 2 keeps it up!