Sunday, July 22, 2007

Coaching (warning: yet another potty story)

Starting July 1, L'il Sis and I got serious about this potty training business. What finally got her over her fear of release? Would you believe a Tinkerbell nightgown? Yes, that's all it took. And she hasn't looked back. Sort of.

L'il Sis has been wearing her big girl underpants (cotton training pants) during the day and doing a fabulous job. She hasn't had an accident during the day in ages. But. Well, let's say, "Houston, we have a problem." This one is more common than her fear of release problem, from what I hear. Girlfriend is constipated. I have plied her with apple juice and anything else that I think will provide her with fiber and kept her hydrated. Yet, she's only managed the deed once in a week's time. And that one time... I sounded like a labor coach. Seriously. There I was, cheering her on, encouraging her to "push, push it can do it." It was just so wrong!


Linda said...

I feel your pain. My little guy is not into the whole potty training thing (and I can't bribe him with a Tink nightgown, much as he'd probably enjoy it!)

My guy will try to do the deed on the potty, but he doesn't often succeed. But as soon as you leave him alone for just a minute, he'll poop. In his pants. No matter if he's in a pullup, diaper, or underpants. Now he gets upset about it, but hasn't made the full connection yet. And for us, constipation is NEVER an issue. I have to regulate his intake of fruit or else he goes the other way. That means only the minimum of fruits and veggies....poor kid.

Prunes, baby, prunes. Taste like candy, sweet and yummy, good for the tummy...moves like nothing else! Try the "essence" flavored ones like cherry or orange.

Anonymous said...

if the prunes don't work, try a chldren's suppository... gross, but they work (and LOTS of water!!) P.S. apple juice is binding for some kids... )

Marine Wife said...

Thanks for the advice and support. Thank God it hasn't come to the suppository yet. Something must be working. Or at least moving. She managed to go twice last night. Yea! TMI?

Oh, The Joys said...

Try a Fiber One bar.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Uh, I don't have advice...just think it's funny that we Mom's can find so many ways to talk about poop!

Worker Mommy said...

Ha, my daughter had...well still does have the exact same problem.
She'll hold for days at a time.
She's been potty trained for a little over one year now (she's 4) and this is still a lasting problem.
She's been prescribed Miralax which is now available over the counter.
The other thing in addition to fiber rich foods is give her 1/2 teaspoon of benefiber in her drink in the morning and 1/2 in the evening.

Good luck, girlfriend. I'm feelin' your pain!

Meredith said...

Yeah for Lil Sis! Once she stops the holding, the constipation issue will subside. That good ol' positive reinforcement and "easier" results will be self-rewarding. That's what got my daughter to stop. It's a vicious cycle if the holding continues. (Google encopresis in children if you have the stomach for it) We bought the glycerin supp. and the vegetable Senekot for kiddos. Luckily we only had to use them a couple of times. Once it's routine, it's routine.

I'm glad she's got #1 going right now. That's a great hurdle.