Wednesday, July 04, 2007

the sound of freedom

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

I clicked over to Jenny ("The Sound of Freedom") and was inspired to write about our family's "sound of freedom."

When Big Sis was just nine months old, we went to our base's parade ground on the 4th of July because my husband's battery was in charge of the gun salute that year. Now, when I say "gun," I should explain that my husband is an artilleryman so these were howitzers. I had Big Sis strapped into her umbrella stroller and we were on the opposite side of the parade ground. Then, as they were readying to fire the guns, I put my hands over her ears in an attempt to protect them. Hey, these things are LOUD!

A round was fired every minute until the 3 guns completed the 21-gun salute. That's over 20 minutes of incredibly loud booms. And Big Sis was getting irritated. Oh, not by the noise of the guns. That didn't faze her a bit. No, it was Mom trying to cover her ears that bothered her. She fussed and pushed my hands away. She was a true Redleg Baby. Those loud, house-shaking booms weren't noise. That was the sound of freedom.


Military Mommy said...

I love the salute. That and taps gets me every time. This is a great story. Definitely one for her baby book! : ) She's a true military kid!

Happy 4th!

Meredith said...

Happy Independence Day to your little DevilDog Girls! We'll be thinking of their daddy today!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Love this post! Junior Mayhem simply is too wimpy to tolerate the sounds of freedom. He likes his freedom quiet.....firework and gunshot free! :)

My thoughts are with your husband and all the brave men and women protecting our freedom today and everyday!

liberal army wife said...

My son, when he was about 5, went to the 4th of July opening ceremonies in Augsburg with Daddy.. when the guns began... he looked up at my DH.... and said very firmly.. I gotta go potty, daddy...

I always wondered if he remembered that when he was getting mortared in Sadr City in '04... I'll have to remember to ask him!


IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Thanks for wandering over to my blog.. and for your nice comments!! I hope you will come back and visit again as I usually post pretty frequently! Except for next week.. we will be "on vacation" and without an internet connection!! I will definitely take a ton of pictures as we travel through France so "Stay Tuned!!"
Take care, Leesa