Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm flattered. I was tagged for 2 memes in the past week. Okay, not so much excited that I was tagged to do these memes, but definitely flattered to find out someone actually reads this blog!

OTJ tagged me first so I'll do hers first. I'm to list 5 blogs I read that I haven't linked to before. Since I'm usually too lazy to link or even to add to my list of favorites, this ought to be easy. Sure. Okay, so here goes:

1. Oh, the Joys!, yes, the very blog who tagged me because I read her all the time despite never linking to her. She's absolutely hysterical but has a soft side, too. She's had me laughing so hard I thought I would wet my pants and she's also had me in tears. She is, simply put, a joy.

2. Queen of the Mayhem. What can I say? She, too, is hysterically funny, sometimes in ways that are just so wrong. I relate so strongly to some of her posts, I could have written them... just not as well. This is a girlfriend with grit!

3. Military Mommy. She's sweet and funny. I often pop over just to see what she's up to.

4. C'est la me. A California girl who moved to Paris with her French husband. No kids, just lots of cultural challenges. Her life experiences right now are so different from my life now (although I relate from my previous life before marriage and kids), I like to live vicariously!

5. I'm an Organizing Junkie, because I aspire to be organized someday. Maybe. If only I wasn't such a procrastinator.

The second meme was from Where My Treasures Are. This one is the "8 Things You May Not Know About Me."

1. I grew up an Army brat and ended up married to a Marine. How did THAT happen?! So not in the life plan!

2. My mother used to tell people (like complete strangers!) that I'd attended my university for 7 straight years. I kept telling her it didn't sound at all impressive because she kept forgetting to mention I got two degrees in those 7 years: a B.A. and a J.D.

3. I went to the Soviet Union the summer before my senior year of high school as a student ambassador with the People to People program. It was still the Soviet Union. The Berlin Wall was still up. I think it was the year of Tienanmen Square. I don't know how my mother let me do it! I'm not sure I could in her place. But I am forever grateful for the experience.

4. Sam and I only dated 2 months before we were engaged. We were married within 6 months of our first date. Hey, when you know, you know! Besides, he was going to his next duty station. It was either get married then or spend a year in a long distance relationship before the wedding. This was before I realized how much of our marriage would be spent apart! I've never regretted it.

5. I started getting grey hairs as an undergrad. But I only recently started coloring it with any sort of regularity.

6. We've been married 9 years and I never bothered to change my name. I just don't see the point really. It's not like he changed his. Considering how radically my life changed direction when we were married, I think keeping my name is a pretty small thing.

7. I'm half Korean but don't speak a lick. This wasn't fun when we lived in South Korea and people assumed I did. I'd get that "deer in the headlights" look and gesture toward my tall, white husband who did speak Korean. Go ahead, laugh.

8. I'm a first-born, my husband is a first-born, and my best friends are first-borns. I think there might be a law against that. My sister still doesn't understand how that works. We all need to be right, but about different things so it just works. Mostly.

Well, it wasn't the mother of all memes like over at OTJ, but I'm still glad it's over. Bet you are, too!


Military Mommy said...

These were so good! I loved the one about your mom telling people about your schooling. yes, important little detail there mom. :)

Also loved the one about marrying a marine. Funny how that happens. :)

Oh, The Joys said...

Thanks for playing! I'll look forward to checking out your recs - though I'm already a Mayhem fan!

avec amy said...

I really enjoyed learning more about you!

The stories of your daughters remind me of my sister and I when we were little - my older first born sister : ) especially the entry about Claire and the "piece of meat".

Btw, I have my J.D. too (UC Hastings). Although in my case your mom's estimation is fitting. I did law school in 3 years, but I goofed off big time in community college for several years before completing undergrad!

And yes, #7 had me cracking up!

Thanks for sharing : )

Alycia said...

I loved getting to know you more! I also loved #7 ~ so funny! I can just imagine the looks you received! I get those looks also here in Okinawa...but mostly when I am attempting to speak Japanese! LOL! Have a great weekend with your family!!


steph! said...

i found you through "queen" - cool blog!

Butterfly Wife said...

I have a JD too, or three as the case my be here. Fascinating!

Meredith said...

I love reading your blog. I get a little kick when you post 8 things and I already knew them all! Ha. Ha. I know you too well. Luv, mere