Wednesday, May 09, 2007

From the mouths of babes...

Big Sis brought home her journal from school the other day. Big Sis is a first-grader. There were some cute things in it so will share some excerpts:

  • The beginning had a lot about her friend Elizabeth (in Korea). Then, there was a picture of an airplane with this under it: "I was sad win i lifeed her all alone with tia."

  • Under a picture of a girl writing with a sad face: "Scool is pretty boring I say becase it's alway's write write writeing time I hate it very much I just hate it."

  • The very next page, picture of playground: "We have fun at School a lot scool is cool"

  • "I played with my dad and we played race my dad won."

  • "I Love my dad. becase he is my goodest dad ever in the whole wied wourld"
  • My dad Helps me when I am hert I am glad"

  • "My daddy is strong and is not scard of enything one timeI came in my mom and DaDs room (?) do that. I said ok and ran away."

  • "My DaD is on deplowment I am sad he misses me alot I hope he comes back soon."

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