Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday!

It's hard to believe the "baby" is now 3 years old. Of course, her refusal to cooperate in potty training doesn't help. L'il Sis had a small party with family and friends on Saturday. She had the "yellow" birthday (cake) that she wanted. When I brought it out, she started reaching for a plate. When I told her we had to sing to her first, she sang to herself: "Happy Birthday to Me..." Then she started to blow out the candles as I lit them. She really wanted her cake!


Military Mommy said...

What a gorgeous cake! It makes me want a piece! :) I hope she had an awesome day. Happy Birthday Claire!


Butterfly Wife said...

My nephew is turning 3 this summer. I can't wait for the party. The cake you have there is just lovely!

Cooks on the Coast said...