Saturday, September 29, 2007


R&R is almost here! Woo-hoo!

Of course, that means what can go wrong will go wrong.... The only day I had to get the car detailed threatened rain. The morning that L'il Sis was in preschool and I had scheduled a hair and wax appointment, well, my stylist gets horribly ill and has to cancel. While I feel terrible for her and wish her a speedy recovery, I still needed those grey roots to disappear. So, I put my head into the hands of a total stranger and hoped for the best. It worked out okay, but I could have done with less stress to get it all done. When the stylist was shampooing my hair (my favorite part!), I was getting a little head massage. I could feel her trying to work the tension out of my neck and temples. I appreciated the attempt, but almost felt I should tell her it was futile.

Obviously the other thing R&R means is that I'll be absent from the blogosphere for awhile.

*random observation: While driving around running last minute errands, I saw an attractive young woman driving a car with the following on her rear window:
Proud family of
(rank) (name)
serving in Iraq

Maybe it's the cynic in me, but my first thought was that it really wasn't a good idea to advertise the fact that her husband was overseas, not home, not around. Especially in such large letters. I understand she's proud of him. But couldn't she find a way to express that without compromising her own security?


A said...

Good for you! In the best possible way, with the best intentions, I'm glad you'll be gone for a while!

Enjoy every minute away, ok?


Meredith said...

Excitement! How close is close? I'm glad your hair came out OK. Even at this age I still go to random strangers for hair-dos (at times). Every time I find someone I like that person's husband gets moved! Silly military wives/stylists ;) It takes me a year to recover when my stylist goes changes states.

Have a great time. Enjoy every second, one at a time! What a great birthday gift for big sister.

Butterfly Wife said...

The stylist is such an important person! I've been going to the same woman for the last 6+ years. What in the world am I going to do if we move? I guess I will just have to fly back here every couple of months. Hmmm. That sounds really expensive. I might have to rethink this solution.

I hope all goes will with R&R. It will be very nice to have him home I am sure. Enjoy yourselves. Take care.

Lemon Stand said...

No, no, no! Cannot have gray roots! I sooo need my hairdresser to make me feel like I can go out in public much less have my husband see me while on R&R.

So glad it worked out for you and don't hurry back on our account. :oP

rose_michelle said...

That's how it was when mine came home in Dec. I couldn't get anything to work out right!

I agree that spouses should be careful about advertising that they are home alone. It can lead to security issues.

ABW said...

They tell us to not even put yellow ribbons out or put those magnets on your car, you just never know.

Enjoy R&R!!!

avec amy said...

Murphy's Law! I hope you have a wonderful reunion :)