Friday, September 14, 2007

random movie

One of the benefits of deployments is that I get to fill our movie queue with all sorts of things that I know Hubs wouldn't watch. I've caught up on movies that the rest of the planet has already seen, chick flicks, BBC TV shows, and other totally random films, like The Man Who Sued God. Sometimes I watch things that are really good but because they are independent or foreign films probably didn't get much play here in the States.

Last night, I watched Sweet Land. I'd never heard of it so went into it with no expectations. It was wonderful! The story is of a German mail order bride arriving in 1920 Minnesota to a hostile Norwegian-American community. Prejudices run rampant and she is unable to procure the paperwork necessary to actually get married. But beyond that, it is a love story of two strangers who come to respect and love each other despite/because of their obstacles. You can see the growing attraction and sexual tension between the couple. You can see the love growing in their eyes as they surreptitiously watch each other. But that's just about all you see. Anticipation is almost another character in this film. But I guess I relate to that these days!


rose_michelle said...

I do that too! I have a list of movies that I watch when he's gone. I also am not ashamed to cry when I watch them alone - it makes me feel better sometimes.

avec amy said...

I'm really behind on my reading. I feel like I'm not "allowed" to read English books because I'm supposed to be learning French (which is going horribly by the way). But reading your past two entries really makes me want to run out and get The Time Traveler's Wife and watch Sweet Land. I love how you described anticipation as another character!