Monday, December 10, 2007

"I'm going fast!"

Okay, it's not really that fast, since I can walk and still keep up with her. But for her, it's super speedy. L'il Sis FINALLY discovered her bike and figured out that whole pedalling thing about 2 days ago. Since then, she's been all about riding her bike. Just another one of those things I wish Stretch were here to see.
Following in Stretch's footsteps, Big Sis has started this season of basketball. They had their first game last weekend. She' s fast and has really improved her ability to make baskets. She's not terribly aggressive about getting the ball, though, so she only got the ball once. But then she dribbled it all the way down the court before passing it to a teammate. Of course, being a terrible mom, I have no pictures. But I did remember to take stuff to keep L'il Sis entertained. Hey, I'm not Wonder Woman here! And again, this is an area where Stretch's presence would really be useful. I am zero help to the child in sports. That is his area. So much for that plan.


trying said...

Way to go lil sis! She looks like a natural on the bike!
As for the basketball game we all forget the camera now and again. But at least you remembered the much needed fun bag for lil sis. It would be nice sometimes to have them around to help out and just so everything didn't always have to be a little bit bittersweet.

And I have to say... short sleeve shirts in December?!? I'm green with envy.

Meredith said...

Yes, it must be MUCH warmer there. We have freeze warnings for the ground here in TX, believe it or not.

Those bikes are great. Just aim her in a straight line and watch her go. My son is finally outgrowing his first one.

I wouldn't be able to help in basketball, either. He'll catch her up in no time.

Stretch said...

I wish I could see the picture of her riding. Send it to me in an email and tell her how proud i am of her.