Saturday, December 08, 2007

more gremlins

Deployment gremlins strike again! It seems a power surge killed our TV. The one we bought during our recent tour in Korea. It's a cute little flat-screen. So I called the insurance company (yay for renter's insurance!) to see what I needed to do. Following their instructions, I hopped on LG's website to find the nearest authorized technician to look at the corpse. Turns it out there is only one in the state and it is a mere 4 HOURS away. Yeah, that works for me. In some alternate universe, maybe.

Meanwhile, I borrowed some one's husband for the brawn to move our old boxy TV from upstairs to the living room (where the corpse resided). See? I can so ask for help! Okay, maybe it was the vision of me dropping the TV down the stairs, me falling down the stairs, etc., that prompted me to go elsewhere for the muscle power. Just slightly ironic that we were just talking about asking for help over on SpouseBuzz Radio the other night.


trying said...

Four hours...why thats just right around the corner! : )

Good for you for asking for help, its the first step. To what I dont know but to something Im sure.

rose_michelle said...

I've been there too many times! I remember the first week of my husband's first deployment, both vehicles died. How's that for luck!?! Hang in there!

TripleE said...

My TV was toast about 4 months into this deployment too. It was my first time asking for help... and my BIL's dropped it anyhow... at least it was already broken.